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Snow Man's Kurie shows ended today and were a success!

If you don't know, for Kurie shows there always are a few tickets (usually around 15 but it varies depending on guests and such) that are sold on the same day of each show. People sort of ballot for it and queue waiting for the results. The number of people queuing is always announced and those last years it has become an indicator of the popularity of a show. The more people trying to get a ticket, the more popular the show is.
And for their last show (today evening), there were 1165 people ! Which is quite a lot. (and it was raining) So that means Snow Man are popular (although we already knew!) and we're all hoping they'll get more noticed by higher ups...
So yeah congratulations Snow Man and their fans for the numbers and the successful shows!
Btw Snow Man will be backdancing for ABC-Z's concerts (starting tomorrow).

Under the cut some more details about the same-day tickets numbers (with comparison) and I also wrote the setlist in case anyone is interested!

Snow Man KurieCollapse )

This being said, I'm informing you I have scanned some of the Johnny's World pamphlet off-shot pictures :P
All group, all Fukka and a few of other members.
04 March 2015 @ 01:15 am
Signups are now open here at je_wakamono, the fic exchange for Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Johnny's West, and Johnny's Juniors! Come and join us! Spread the word!

16 January 2015 @ 01:17 pm
TakiChannel has been updated and we get more Snow Man again! This time it's Snow Man vs 4WAT! (Please remember to stretch your facial muscles before watching this because your cheeks are gonna hurt from laughing XD)

 photo takichan8__zpsf89f9dcb.jpg

You can view TakiChannel here.

Please remember: do not rip and share (no downloads and no streaming) any of Johnny's Net or TakiChannel videos because they will endanger the whole video sections on Johnny's websites.

Seems I hadn't made a post about the previous episode but in first of the year TakiChannel episode Snow Man (and couple other groups) appeared in the New Year's episode, and there was also unseen footage from previous episodes (for Snow Man there was unseen material from when they were at Hakata). Those who didn't remember to check previous episode, you can view it from the backnumber section.

Also, in case someone still hasn't checked the New Year's messages from Johnny's Net, please remember to check those before they are taken down! Snow Man have their own video, and they also appear with Tackey in TakiTsuba video (which has now been updated to have both TakiTsuba and TakiSnowman). Fanclub versions also include both Snow Man solo video for jr fc, and Takki + Snow Man for TakiTsuba fc (TakiTsuba fc also has a separate video for TakiTsuba added after Tsubasa's return).
Snow Man handwritten Xmas messages were put up at the Johnny's Family Club a little while ago, and now the messages have been posted on Jweb as well! So those with Johnny's Web phone app, be sure to check out the messages! (Messages are available until January 5th, noon Japanese time.)

How to view messages:
After opening Johnny's Net app, a little under the ENTER button you see "SPECIAL" section which has Johnny's Family Club video messages and written messages. Click that and you can choose from the videos (be sure to check Snow Man from there as well - Jweb video same as Jnet) as well as written messages. If you click on the lower option for written messages, scroll down for juniors. Juniors are sorted by names, not groups, so you will have to look up for each name individually. In anyone needs help locating Snow Man names, let me know and I'll edit this post to mark whose name is in which category. (Names are sorted by the first letter, so first category has those starting with alphabet such as Abe and Iwamoto, second is starting with K, then S etc.)

Please remember: do not share pictures of of Johnny's Web messages. Family Club messages have been covered up before because the rule was not followed, so let's not endanger the sections being removed from Jweb which allows fans everywhere to be able to view them. (You can always share privately to friends who do not have access but do not post openly anywhere.)

PS. Next week Gamushara will have Fukka, Hikaru, Watanabe and Abe! Seems they will be looking back to things done so far, so all members who appeared are present.
10 December 2014 @ 10:31 am
TakiTsuba concerts have started in Osaka (without Tsubasa now that his condition isn't good enough to perform yet - hope he'll concentrate on getting better) and Snow Man were all there backing for Tackey! With the concerts being only Tackey and Snow Man, seems Snow Man also got to participate in the MCs a lot, and even had their own version of one of the songs with their own furi.

Snow Man are also in the next Josei Seven issue to be released (first January issue, release date on December 11th). Snow Man have 5 page photo shoot with interview, as well as double sided foldable pinup! (So more than double the exposure from last issue!)
08 December 2014 @ 05:03 pm
Johnny's Net has updated with Xmas messages and this year we get Xmas message from Snow Man again!! =D Remember to check them as long as they are available!

You can view the Christmas video section through the main page of Johnny's Web by clicking the Christmas message icon (separate from normal video section) or by clicking here. Click the decoration to the bottom right for junior videos, Snow Man is on very top. (Or if I access the site via English settings I think you can view it with English subs? *hasn't checked so no idea about the quality*)

 photo snowman5__zps4b904e64.jpg photo snowman6__zps970661f8.jpg
 photo snowman9__zpsa6bcb95b.jpg

As usual FC has longer video for the Xmas messages so remember to check those as well if you're a member :) I haven't had the time to check other videos yet, but for Snow Man both videos are different, although they are done in same style (just things they say etc are slightly different, and the public version is shorter.) Those who have Jweb on your phones, also remember to check Jweb version of Xmas messages (although at least for Snow Man, the public Jnet and Jweb are the same this time).

Please remember: do not rip and share (no downloads and no streaming) any of Johnny's Net or TakiChannel videos because they will endanger the whole video sections on Johnny's websites.

PS. For other info, IwaFuka appeared on Gamushara J's Party last weekend (they were interviewed by Masuda Ryo) and as said before Abe appeared in the normal episode. Watanabe will appear in the Gamushara episode next weekend!
29 November 2014 @ 08:02 pm
People who have been following Gamushara probably know IwaFuka were on the show both tonight and last week, and as they had the preview for next week's episode, Abe-chan is going to be there!! =D Abe's first time on Gamushara!! That makes 4 out of 6 Snow Man, let's continue with this! Also such wonderful news only few days after Abe's 21st birthday! ;__; ("Abe-chan" is actually trending on Japanese Twitter ♥)

As for magazine news, the 4 members of Snow Man who backed for Kisumai tour appeared on Dance Square (no actual photo shoot, but photo material from the tour, along with interview). Also January Popolo featured Iwamoto in the junior corner (that now makes 3 out of 6! Snow Man have appeared more than any other juniors so far so hopefully we get other members too...) For other mags (according to pre-release information) IwaFuka appear with Shintaro on Potato, and both of them appear in separate shoots in Wink Up. Haven't seen anything about Duet yet (also not sure if mags will have about Kisumai Tokyo dome in this issue yet or next, but those would probably have the rest of the Snow Man then X3)

PS. For random info, Miyadate went to see Hasshi and Fumi's butai (Beethoven) today ^^
11 November 2014 @ 11:20 pm
Hikaru and Fukka have been confirmed to appear in new NTV drama, starting in January! (Mwaha, was totally sure their black hair was for a drama XD) The drama is called "Oniichan, Gacha", and also has a lot of other juniors appearing in it. Male lead is Kishi Yuta. Hikaru and Fukka appear in the drama as "oniichan guests" along with Aran, Myuto, Taiga etc. (No information how much the boys will appear, but considering the story, one possibility might be one brother candidate per episode... But we'll find out in January!)

Lead is a small girl who uses "oniichan gacha", thus the different oniichan.

Role names/oniichan rank/info:
- Fukka: Seigi*, rank C, always energetic/happy and only has sound arguments, but when his face is close it's painfully hot
- Hikaru: Ken, rank unknown, doesn't talk much, talks with his back

(*Read as Seegi - I romanized with Seigi since long E is usually spelled as EI)

Drama official website (
Netallica (
04 November 2014 @ 05:07 pm
Happy 22nd birthday to Watanabe Shota! Sorry I have no proper birthday contribution (have had really bad BPPV since Saturday so although able to walk now because sense of balance mostly back, looking at computer screen still makes eyes spin XP;) but let's go with Watanabe related news instead!

Next Saturday night (November 8th) Watanabe will appear on Gamushara for the first time! He will be MCing one of the contest parts of the show. (This will most likely be divided into two episodes as most of the challenges have been lately, plus next episode still has the other half of Iwahashi etc dressed as girls.) Hopefully this will not be limited just to the time Yasui is busy with Ocean's 11 Osaka shows but he will appear otherwise in the future too! X3 Although not like this is first time Watanabe would work as a replacement, like with Sanada in Mouso List before ^^;

Preview for the next episode:

For those who haven't been following Gamushara regularly, Fukka has been appearing more outside Natsu Matsuri project again (couple episodes with extreme experience with Jinguuji and Matsukura, October 18th and 25th). Hopefully other members will have a chance to appear in the future as well! X3